Stainless Steel Air Control Valve 1-Way Threaded * 4 Pack

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These valves are excellent for central air systems.They are easily tapped into regular PVC pipe to provide outlets for all your tanks. These will self tap into the pvc once you drill a small hole.
  • Threaded Metal Valve
  • Precise Air control
  • Long Lasting

These valves are meant to be screwed into pvc. Often used with a Linear Air Piston PumpĀ to run an air loop around a room filled with aquariums. Build your own custom gang valveĀ  using these. These last a lifetime and are used by most fish stores and fish breeding facilities.


Use a 3/16th drill bit, then insert valve into drill chuck and screw in slowly being careful not to over tighten. Use a clean cut piece of airline tubing when attaching. Periodically check for hardened aquarium airline tubing creating a loose connection. For ultimate flow control in a fish room, we use theĀ an Air Control ValveĀ near the aquariums for fine tuning eliminating the need to get up on a ladder when using these metal valves in a fish room air manifold loop.