Shipping / DOA Policy

Guppy Barn Aquatics ships Monday through Wednesday with the exception of holidays, unless otherwise requested.

Live animals are shipped UPS or USPS express shipping for the Live Arrival Guarantee.  USPS Priority Mail or other options are available but no live arrival guarantee can be given.

Live arrival guaranteed on all orders that arrive during their acceptance/delivery date.  If live animal shipments are lost or delayed by the carrier, we are unable to offer any reimbursement.

In the rare occurrence of DOA's that arrive within their acceptance/delivery time. We will require *THREE CLEAR PHOTOS* of the deceased animals in the unopened bag within *ONE HOUR* of delivery. Note that some fish may appear to be dead but are just stressed from shipping. Be sure to inspect all fish carefully. email to 

Refunds (for the specific fish) will be made if fish arrive DOA and all parameters of our DOA policy are met. For example, if you order eight fish, and one arrives dead, you take three clear photos and email them within one hour, you will be refunded in the amount of one fish. Guppy Barn Aquatics will *NOT* ship replacement fish in the result of a DOA. 

Any shipment routing changes on the part of the customer will result in voiding our live arrival guarantee.

Shipping Charges are non-refundable